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Brain Tumor Surgery & Treatment

Brain Tumor Surgery

Are you looking for the best hospital for brain tumor treatment in India? Go to Delhi and avail the international standard brain tumor treatments from the certified surgeons.

What is a Brain Tumor

The particular cause of brain tumor is yet to be revealed. According to medical science a brain tumor is a cancerous or non-cancerous growth of abnormal cells or tissues in the brain that hinders proper brain functionality.

Various types of brain tumords are seen these days that cost differently as well.

Types of Brain Tumor Surgery

The different types of surgery that are performed in cases of brain tumor include the following:

  • Primary: Primary tumors are said to be originated in cells in the brain and later can spread to other parts as well.
  • Metastatic: Metastatic or secondary tumors can be seen in the other body parts and later can spread to the brain or the spine. Secondary tumors are commonly seen than the primary brain tumors.
  • Benign: Another type of tumor that originates from cells within, grow slowly and do not possess cancel cells is called benign tumor. Such tumors are the least aggressive ones, having clear borders.
  • Malignant: Malignant as the name suggests carry cancel cells. Unlike benign tumors, these types of tumors are regarded to be life threatening and don’t have clear borders. They grow quickly.

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