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CSF Rhinorrhea

Dr. Mukesh Pandey Neurosurgeon

People with runny or watery nose often get affected with CSF Rhinorrhea. So, what is CSF Rhinorrhea? How do people get affected? CSF Rhinorrhea comes into the picture when the surrounding fluid that protects the brain and the spinal cord leaks or runs from the sinuses or nose. The fluid might continue to flow or just stop on its own. Unless proper attention is paid, the patient will meet the ultimate consequences. Traumatic CSF Rhinorrhea, Iatrogenic CSF Rhinorrhea, Spontaneous/idiopathic, Congenital CSF Rhinorrhea, etc. are some of the classifications of CSF Rhinorrhea. When you seek CSF Rhinorrhea Treatment in Delhi, Brain and Spine Care India will strike the attention immediately.